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Tangible Data aims to inspire action and foster a more informed and engaged society by placing data at the center of our culture and using art as a medium

Relevant news

Tangible Data has been selected to display a data sculpture at the 2023 Festival de Datos (7-9 November, Uruguay)


Model A
Medium Sized Sculptures in PLA
Model B

Medium sized sculptures in laser cut wood

Model C

Medium sixed sculpture, CNC Foam

Model D

Large sculpture, 2x2m, exterior

We work with


Tangible Data improves interaction and understanding of museum collections


Tangible Data allows students get familiarized with the study of stats, maths and any data related subjects

Third Sector

Tangible Data helps raise visibility on specific topics and encourages engagement and participation

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tangible Data enhances visibility and fosters active engagement with the intended beneficiaries.

Our Approach: From Data to Action

‚ÄčTangible Data seeks to address the paradox of scientific evidence and widespread skepticism by bringing data to the people in a tangible and engaging way. In a world where information overload, fake news, digital fatigue, and digital gaps are prevalent, Tangible Data aims to bridge the gap between complex data and public understanding.

By turning data into art, and leveraging public spaces, we aim to create opportunities for people to interact with and understand complex data in a more accessible manner and generate new narratives.

Sponsors and Partners