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Tangible Data Blog

The blog aims to explore and share research on tangible data art, highlighting its unique blend of data visualization and physical art, and inviting community engagement and contributions. Read more about our topics of interest and drop us an email if you are interested in contributing to the blog.


Please note that the content on this blog has been generated with the assistance of ChatGPT. As a small team, we are in the process of bootstrapping our project and currently do not have dedicated resources for every task. In our effort to leverage the power of AI for good, we are using this technology to publish and share the ongoing research that we are conducting.

While we strive for accuracy, the content may contain inadvertent inaccuracies. We advise against using this information as the sole source and recommend referring to the sources provided in the links for further information.

If you notice any errors or inaccuracies, we would greatly appreciate it if you could inform us. Additionally, if you are interested in having your project or bio featured in this section, please feel free to reach out to us via email. Your input and participation are highly valued as we navigate this exciting journey of innovation and discovery.


Tangible data art is a unique intersection of data visualization and physical art, where artists use real-world data to create physical artworks.



Tangible data materials refer to the physical substances or media used to create artworks or installations that embody or represent data.
Tangible data art and design is a field that bridges the gap between data visualization and physical art.
Tangible data projects represent an innovative blend of art and data science, where artists use real-world data to create physical artworks or installations.


Tangible data technology involves tools and systems that are used to translate digital data into physical forms or interactive experiences.
Tangible data theory involves frameworks and concepts that guide the translation of abstract data into physical, often interactive, forms.
Tangible data events are unique gatherings or exhibitions where data and physical art intersect, showcasing projects that transform abstract data into physical forms.
Tangible data art often utilizes datasets that can be translated into physical forms or interactive installations.
Securing funding for tangible data projects, which often intersect art, technology, and data science, can be sourced from a variety of organizations and programs

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