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Exploring the Art of Daniel Canogar: A Fusion of Data and Artistry

By January 6, 2024No Comments


Daniel Canogar is a multidisciplinary artist whose work intricately intertwines technology and art. He began his career with a deep interest in photography, captivated by the interplay of light and space in the darkroom. This fascination evolved into a broader exploration of light, a theme that remains central in his digital art today​

Canogar’s approach to creating art is methodical and research-driven, often starting with reading, note-taking, and open-minded inspiration seeking. His studio team, comprising engineers, programmers, art historians, and other specialists, plays a crucial role in brainstorming and developing new projects​​. This collaborative environment reflects the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of his artworks.

One of the unique aspects of Canogar’s art is his exploration of the relationship between textiles and digital technologies. He draws a historical parallel between the Jacquard loom, an early 19th-century invention considered by many as the first computer due to its use of punch cards, and contemporary digital screens. This connection serves as a foundation for his exhibitions, where screens are not just display mediums but integral sculptural elements​​.

In recent projects, Canogar has been pushing the boundaries of conventional screen usage, questioning why screens must always be flat and rectangular. Instead, he explores their three-dimensional potential, creating interactive and dynamic artworks that engage directly with the architecture and space around them. He is also delving into the world of AI, eager to integrate and humanize this technology in his work​​.

Canogar’s recent works, such as “Cannula,” “Ripple,” and “Xylem,” are testament to his innovative use of data as an artistic medium. These pieces are not mere data visualizations; they are artistic reinterpretations of electronic information. “Cannula” uses YouTube queries to create liquid compositions, projecting them onto historical buildings, while “Ripple” captures the relentless flow of news from CNN in a constantly evolving abstract animation. “Xylem” visualizes real-time financial data from global indexes, reflecting the ever-changing economic landscape​​.

A notable installation, “Storming Times Square,” showcased Canogar’s expertise in public intervention and video installation. In this project, participants were filmed on a green screen and then projected onto the billboards of Times Square, creating the illusion of scaling the buildings. This work highlights Canogar’s interest in how viewers can interact with and become part of the art itself​​.

Overall, Daniel Canogar’s work is a captivating blend of art and technology, showcasing how digital mediums and data can be transformed into engaging, thought-provoking art. His exploration of screens as sculptural elements and the use of real-time data make his work not only aesthetically appealing but also deeply reflective of our contemporary digital era.

Antonio Moneo is Founder and CEO of Tangible Data